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Kowi Ishto: Battle of Akonoli

Kowi Ishto: Battle of Akonoli is a 16-bit inspired, Action Packed, Arcade Style, Space Shooter.

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Available for

Steam (Windows)

Includes Steam Key only.

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Photosensitive Seizure Disclaimer

This game features flashing lights. If you've had photosensitive seizures, due to flashing lights or playing video games, play at your own discretion.

The game features a Flashing Lights Reduction Mode. When in game, press pause, then turn "Flashing Lights Reduction Mode" on or off. This turns off the Players, Enemies and Bosses from blinking white when hit. But there is still some blinking objects in the game even when the Flashing Lights Reduction Mode is turned on.

Content in game

Kowi Ishto: Battle of Akonoli has Fantasy Style Violence & Comical Humor.

But game is appropriate for a younger audience.


The Galaxy of Akonoli has been invaded by a mysterious force and it’s up to you to put a stop to whoever is responsible and bring peace back to the galaxy!

Play through the main story mode and find out what the mysterious threat is.

  • 1-4 Player Co-op
  • 4 Multiplayer VS Battle Modes
  • Simple Retro Arcade style controls
  • Over 64 Levels and 8 Worlds

VS Modes include: VS Enemy Battle Mode, VS High Score Battle Mode, Endurance Mode & Boss Rush Mode.


Both Keyboard and Controller are supported to play the game. But only Player 1 can use the keyboard. Remaining Players use a controller.

Multiplayer Mode requires at least 1 controller.


D Key - Fire Bullet/Hold for Auto Fire/Advance Dialog

S Key - Fire Bomb

A Key - Advance Dialog

Arrow Keys - Move/Menu Choice

Enter - Pause

Q + E - Center Ship on Screen (Only if out of screen)


A Button - Fire Bullet/Hold for Auto Fire/Advance Dialog

B Button - Fire Bomb

Left Joystick - Move/Menu Choice

D-Pad - Move/Menu Choice

Menu Button aka Start or Pause as us 90's kids call it - Pause

Left Shoulder + Right Shoulder Buttons - Center Ship on Screen (Only if out of screen)

Important Notes on Controllers

When you connect a controller, it is now detected automatically whether you are using an XInput Controller or a Direct Input controller. However, there are still some drawbacks if using a Direct Input controller.

Which would be:

Mapping might be unreliable.

Some Direct Input controllers cut in and out creating a “stuttering effect” with the player movement.

Direct Input controllers do not rumble when used without external software (Use external software at your own risk.).

System requirements

Windows 7 - might require you to install the final Windows 7 Service Pack
Intel i5 - 4-Core



Version 11


311 MB available space

Additional Notes
Minimum System Requirements are only an approximate value. Game may run on lowest specs. But is not guaranteed. Windows OS needs to be at least Windows 7. Specs requirements may change during development. Support for 32 bit Windows OS will soon be depreciated. After that no more 32 bit updates will be available.